Positive Change and Mental Fitness Program

New group starts March 5th!

Sandra Čanić


If you are in good physical shape, you will climb steep hills and mountains without physical stress. If you are in good mental shape, you will have a greater capacity to deal with life’s challenges in a functional way. Mental fitness and our approach to life’s problems affect our level of mental stress, clarity and focus in problem solving, and the type, intensity, and duration of emotions we experience.

According to one of the leading and globally recognized concepts of Positive Intelligence, based on the work of Shirzad Chamine, former longtime director of the world’s largest coaching organization and author of the bestseller Positive Intelligence, mental fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (wisdom) over negative muscles. saboteurs). This measure of your mental fitness is called Positive Intelligence Quotation or PQ.

Data collected in surveys of over 500,000 participants showed that PQ is a reliable predictor of happiness, performance, and generally a reliable indicator of the extent to which you cope with different life challenges in relation to your potential. Good mental condition contributes to sustainable change: better performance, increased sense of well-being and peace, and more functional interpersonal relationships.

Through a six-week interactive online training of Positive Change and Mental Fitness licensed from Positive Intelligence, you have the opportunity to educate yourself and develop your mental fitness to bring about positive change in your life. The program is a combination of video sessions and daily exercises led by S. Chamine, weekly meetings in small groups (3 to 5 participants) facilitated by an authorized partner of the program and, if desired, communication with people around the world participating in the program within a shared virtual space.

This program is recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovative solutions in the field of mental health, especially applicable in the business environment. You can see more about the program at: https://www.positiveintelligence.com/program/

Contact and information about the new group and special prices at: 0038598260726 or e-mail: sandra.canic@movis.hr

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